PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds: An Introduction and Review for Beginners

Oct 30

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds or PUBG, has taken over the Internet and quickly become one of the worlds hottest games.

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds is the most-watched game on Twitch and a top seller on SteamSo what's it like to play a round of PUBG you may be wondering?

Well, the game has a Battle Royale format where one hundred participants load in and the last person standing wins. Last team standing wins if you're playing cooperative game types like duos or squads.

What Battlegrounds does so well is offer an intense arena where your actions matter. Once you die it's game over and you're going back to the lobby like a loser and queue up for the next match. So you'll need to be smart when you play PUBG.

Each person or team starts off on a cargo plane flying over a large open-world island where you can choose to exit the plane any time you like. 

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds Transport Plane

Scope out your landing spot, release your parachute, and as soon as you hit the ground you will have to scavenge for weapons, vehicles and other things to fend off other players all trying to kill you.

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds - Release your Parachute

Although relatively easy to find a gun in PUBG, it's not enough to just find a gun and shoot because of the balancing of weapons. Each weapon has its own pros and cons, and capabilities. 

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds Action Screenshot

What will PUBG be like when you play it for the first time?

Likely you will be running around scared, confused and hiding. Once you do find a weapon you will likely be killed in short time. However, as you progress through this game your play will improve as you advance your skill set. This will reflect in a new arsenal of strategies, that will increase your chances of survival and victory in PUBG.

Game length is relative to a players skill level and progress. If you land and get shot in the face, then the game might only take a minute or two.  If you do survive until late in the game it could last upwards of thirty minutes or more. Great for gamers who are short on time.

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds brings a thrilling experience using a constant assortment of random occurrences. Powerful weapon drops, explosive red zones, and random weapon locations to make every play-through unique and engaging. It's a very smooth experience considering it's in early access. 

Checking your map, inventory and looting are all easy with it's one right click or a quick click and drag, giving an experience that feels balanced and relatively bug-free. You are going to get errors however but those errors are few and far between.

Getting eliminated from a match sometimes happens faster than you can realize but it's never a chore to get back in the game.  It only takes a few minutes to queue up and you're right back in the battlegrounds.

Yes, you do get an arena to fight other people over and over again but although It may sound tedious I can assure you it is addictive!

Battlegrounds is an excellent game with pretty awesome game play that will get you hooked. Sure to set a precedent with future shooters and quickly becoming one of the best first and third person shooters out there.