Star Citizen: 2947 ArcCorp to Hurston

Nov 05

Journey from planet ArcCorp to planet Hurston in the new RSI Aurora Spaceship.

Procedural planets and cities are showcased in this amazing look at ArcCorp, an earth sized planet covered entirely by city and Hurston an industrialized factory planet.

The video begins at Area 18, one of the main commercial ports on ArcCorp. Inside the Aegis showroom, we see the new Sabre Raven ship on display.

On our way out to one of the many landing pads, we see the city is populated with N.P.C’s (Non-player characters). Each of those NPC’s will have their own twenty-four-hour schedules, a unique AI effectively or personality in some way, going about their jobs/professions and interacting with other NPC’s and real players like yourself.

We clear customs and walk out onto the impressive landing pads to see the new Terrapin ship and the newly reworked RSI Aurora. Step up into the Aurora cockpit, power on systems and lift off on an incredible journey to Hurston and experience a seamless transition from ground to space and travel to other planets.

Other cool things you’ll see along the way, in particular, is the space station truck stop and the amazing view of ArcCorp from high above the planet. Engine trails in space compared to the atmosphere. Quantum travel from ArcCorp to Hurston which takes eight minutes of actual ship traveling but edited to just a few minutes for the video.

Hurston is very sparse and industrialized with Lorville being the one and only import landing zone on the planet. Its ecosphere has been largely destroyed by mining and manufacturing but it still has oceans, flora, and fauna.