Star Citizen releases 3.0 Production Schedule Report

Oct 10

Star Citizen has released their Road-map for the development of the Persistent Universe.

The schedule report outlines what we can expect to find in the upcoming Star Citizen 3.0 patch. As well as projections for the remainder of the year with some visibility into the upcoming Persistent Universe's,

Star Citizen will be updating the schedule report weekly to keep you informed about development.

Check out the full release schedule at the official website.

It covers such categories as:

  • Shopping
  • Missions
  • Ships/Vehicles
  • Traversal
  • MobiGlas
  • Performance & Stability

Star Citizen's master schedule covers the broad departments or disciplines that are being developed. Each department will then have its own dedicated sub-schedule, briefly explaining the various features that are being developed and their current status.

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