Steam Now Lets You Move Your Games Install Folders

Feb 10

Take your Steam games to a new hard drive without needing to reinstall them.

With Steam's most recent client update, Valve has added the ability to move the install folders for your Steam games. Before this update, you had to either install a third-party app or use a lengthy workaround to move the install folders for your games.

Now, this ability is just a few clicks away. However, you may need to opt-in to Steam's beta participation program.

Here's how to join the beta program:

  1. Go to Steam > Settings in the Steam client. The Beta Participation section will tell you if there are any beta programs available, or if you are currently running one of them.
  2. Click on the Change... button in the client participation section and select one of the choices available in the drop-list of beta programs.
  3. Click OK and restart Steam when you are prompted to do so.

After changing your Beta selection, you’ll be asked to restart the Steam client and login.

Steam offers a button to move install folders. Here’s where to find it:

1. Go to your Steam Library, right-click on a game and select Properties.

2. Click on the Local Files tab and you should see a button for Move Install Folder.

Important notes!

The game also may need to be updated before the Move Install Folder button is visible.

To opt out of a beta, follow the installation instructions and select NONE – Opt out of all beta programs from the list.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no way to select multiple games to move as a batch. Instead, you must go game by game to move your install folders.