Steam Updates Game Reviews System

Mar 10

Valve has introduced a couple of changes to the Steam reviews system.

These updates follow Steam’s complete system’s overhaul in September last year. You can read about those changes and the reasoning behind it here. With these changes, the review score will no longer include reviews by users that received the game for free, such as via a gift, or during a free weekend. Reviews can still be written by customers that obtained the game in any of these ways, but the review will not count toward the overall review score.

Steam Review System

Valve rolled out the new changes earlier this week, and it will take a few more days for their system to completely update all reviews and re-calculate the scores. In the meantime, you may see the review score on a game change a couple of times depending on how many reviews come from the sources mentioned above.

The changes, according to Valve, are made to “better reflect the sentiment expressed by invested, paying customers.” Free and free-to-play games are exempt from these changes, meaning all reviews will count towards their scores.