How to stream 4K titles on Netflix?

Feb 04

Here are the steps you need to get through to be able to stream 4K on Netflix.

1. You’ll need a compatible device.

It’s currently limited to Roku 4’s, Nvidia Shield’s and TiVo Bolts. Most 4K smart TV’s with Netflix apps are also supported.

2. You’ll need a 4K TV.

Most TV’s sold today and going forward likely will be Ultra HD or 4k, so no problem here. In addition most have the 4k compatible Netflix app.

3. You’ll need a decent internet connection.

Preferably above 16mbps but Netflix recommends 25mbps.

4.  You’ll need the right package on Netflix

An upgrade to the highest tier service available may be neccesary enabling you to stream in UHD.

Here is the short list of 4K Netflix titles: